Mentoring & Tutoring

Influencing Urban High School Athletes 

as they become our future influencers

Role of a Tutor/Mentor

As a tutor/mentor, you will be viewed as more experienced and able to pass on the benefit of that experience. However, your role is not to ‘tell’ the athlete/mentee what to do or just “provide” answers.

The role of the tutor/mentor is to:

•  Listen and be supportive

•  Provide non-judgemental support

•  Provide guidance on issues raised

•  Clarify goals of athlete/mentee

    when appropriate

•  Seek to provide appropriate new                  experiences that provide positive                affirmation

•  Help them come up with answers

    by them probing and responding

    to your questions



  • Provide consistent influence in an athlete’s life

  • Provide support and expertise from specialized  areas of training

  • Effect a young athlete for life

  • Exposure to practical life skills

  • Seeing an athlete graduate with pride and self-esteem


  • Not feeling alone

  • Being supported in unfamiliar arenas

  • Experiencing new opportunities

  • Exposure to new people

  • A mature friend with life experiences

  • Accountability

  • Able to adapt better to changes

  • Encouragement

  • Believed in to succeed

  • Better GPA

High School

  • Extended support system for athletes

  • More people participating in school activities

  • Increase stability of athlete’s family

  • Athlete's increase of their GPA

  • More exposure of community to Orange County Public High Schools

  • Positive impact on recruitment and retention

  • Find Better Behavior


This will provide all the info needed to be approved. It will take up to 4 months to be approved. If any questions please contact OAT Academy: 407 227-0553

Interested in Tutoring or Mentoring?

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*Note: During the summer months the ADDitions and Partners in Education registration page is down temporarily for maintenance.

Follow the promptings from there to make an account.

If your background check is approved, this will allow for

you to participate in any school in the future.

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