We are an urban-focused community committed to unleashing the untapped potential of high school athletes and providing a platform to global impact.

Vision Plan

A stable residential environment for Urban High School Athletes. Athletes stay in their community and in a supportive environment; equipping athletes to be high school graduate leaders with strong character and prepared to succeed collegiately.



written by: MIKE CHAPMAN

photos by: TOM MILLS

“Set … GO!” Four young runners leap off their marks, sprinting down the dirt-and-grass interior of an old concrete track. Beside the track, assistant coach Lorna Johnson calls out.

Marius Massie

Lorna has been a bastion of hope for me both when I was a young leader and now as an aspiring influencer. Lorna's stand for integrity first speaks volumes to me. Her lifestyle exudes confidence in God and an unwavering commitment to concepts and principles that help us grow, achieve, and overcome formidable obstacles. Lorna has been a beaming signal pointing toward resilience and never-ending trust in God. It has served me well to listen to her at very pivotal times of my life, and for that, I am thankful.

OAT Academy is honored to use Marius Massie the creator for "The Core Curriculum Program."

OAT Academy is using the Core Curriculum Program for our Athletes.  Click here for more information on Marius Massie Enterprise, Inc.

Quina Aragón

Lorna was a mentor and mother figure to me in high school. From allowing me to join her family for dinner, to teaching me Bible studies and life skills like ironing my clothes and cooking, Lorna took me under her wing as though I were one of her very own daughters. She invested into my athletic, spiritual, relational, and emotional development in my teenage years. I have nothing but gratitude for her example of hospitality, love, and intentionality toward me during my formative years.


High School Counselors, Safe Coordinators and County Services want athletes in healthy settings attending school.

Coaches and Athletic Directors want the athlete eligible and taking care of their body. Families want their son or daughter to graduate and be productive in society.

Church and Resource Ministries want to provide opportunities for involvement and contribute to a changed life. The student-athlete who succeeds in their sport at the highest level has more opportunities for advancement in life to give back to their community.

OAT Academy's Uniqueness for Athletes

• Athletes stay in their Urban context.

• Athlete's family benefit from               County Services.

• Athletes stay in their school. 

• Athletes represent their sport for         their school, while receiving:


• Spiritual Support

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