We will serve those desiring a stable residential living environment. Some of the athletes are homeless, some come for academic guardianship and others to focus during the season of their sport/competition.


Every Wednesday we provide focused time for studies and building. After one session we discussed Will Smith's concept of: 

What is your craft? A craft is: skill in planning, making or executing (Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online). It is that "thing" you do that you have the capacity to do like no one else.

Lorna shared her goal for the 1972 Olympic's and the significance of Christ in her life.

There were four volunteers and four honor students that helped athletes as needed. This was a time of teaching focus. Healthy snacks were also provided each week.

No Room

for excuses

During the past year of tutoring, we shared the power of No Room for Excuses by Orlando's success story of Shaquem Griffin. Click here to learn more about this inspirational story.

“Strive for your goals no matter what people say.”

- Cameron Connor

If you’ve never failed you’ve never tried anything new.”

-Dejah Ojeda

“I found that some of these athletes really were beaten down emotionally and still reached great status and achievements. It shows that we are capable of that.”

 - Tommy Aristy

Who Are You Living For?



Bradie Gene James (born January 17, 1981) is a former American football linebacker in the National Football League for the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans. He played college football at Louisiana State University.

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